O Projecto de responsabilidade social pretende alertar as gerações
mais novas para as questões relacionadas com a saúde, destacando
a importância da prevenção e adopção de estilos de vida saudáveis.

  Vasco, o Descobridor, e os embaixadores da HPP Saúde propõem-se
levar à população escolar, de uma forma divertida e adaptada às suas
idades, alguns conselhos fundamentais para que cresçam fortes e saudáveis.

  Acesso privilegiado e com condições exclusivas na rede HPP Saúde.
A melhor opção para a saúde!

  Queremos estar mais perto de si, por isso criámos a Revista We,
onde pode conhecer melhor o Mundo HPP Saúde
e os seus colaboradores.


    Welcome to HPP health


    HPP Health Group
    HPP Health is a renowned group in the health care sector in Portugal. With over 15 years experience, we innovate in our actions, as we focus on the personalization of our health care by offering a wide range of services that cover the entire country and counting on over 4000 health care professionals.

    Who we are

    Our Mission Statement

    Health is invaluable and of indubitable social importance. Our Vision and Mission not only define who we are, but above all they define what we do and why. Our pledge is to achieve excellence with dedication, both ethically and humanely.

    Our Vision
    To deserve our clients’ preference by being a point of reference in regards to the quality of services we provide.

    HPP Health acknowledges the fact that it is a reference in the area of differentiation, a factor that determines our quest for progress as we continuously aim to provide our clients with the most advanced assistance in global and integral care throughout their lives.

    Our Mission
    To ensure the wellbeing of our clients by providing services of the highest quality, following the best procedures in healthcare and gaining the trust and commitment of our clients, collaborators and partners, thus creating value for our shareholders.

    We believe that by offering security and an indubitable sense of commitment we can carry out our mission with success and therefore gain our clients’ preference and loyalty as well as strengthen our alliance with our collaborators and partners, together with the creation of value for our shareholders.

    Responsibility and social cooperation

    Vasco "the discoverer", the protagonist of our project

    Our commitment to children is a commitment for the future – a better, healthier and happier future for all.

    Our Commitment to Children
    By contributing to the prevention of illness through education and encouraging healthy habits and lifestyles throughout childhood, we will prepare and provide future generations with the knowledge and awareness of the role they play in the choices they make regarding their life and their health. Educating about Health is the best way to prevent illness and prepare the future of our society.

    The value of the HPP healthy brand

    Identity and culture
    The HPP Health brand is a form of expressing our identity and culture, where effort and passion are in association with the vitality, rigor and confidence we inspire. For this reason, we are the Official Medical Service for various social, cultural and sports entities and events, thus demonstrating the quality and competence we are recognized for.

    Pledge of Quality and Confidence
    One of the driving forces of HPP Health is the high standard of healthcare services provided, where quality and excellence are recognized internationally. Our various hospitals and medical units have been certified since 2003 in accordance with regulation NP EN ISO 9001, having undergone annual testing from an external entity in order to prove that we are consistently improving the quality of our services and that we are efficiently achieving results that value and benefit our clients.

    Integration and Innovation
    HPP Health is perceived as a modern private healthcare provider, thus investing considerably in the technology used in its medical facilities, supported by a significant investment and partnership with technological suppliers. We are aware that innovation is a fundamental factor in modernizing our services, making them safer and more efficient. In turn, this factor will ensure healthcare of the highest quality.


    Amil is Brazil’s largest health care company, providing health and dental benefits, hospital and clinical services, and advanced care management resources to more than 5 million people.